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About Us

Hightops has been on a mission to help people live healthier and happier lives since 2010. In fact, you may recognize us as a trusted medical dispensary with two locations in Colorado Springs. 

Our desire to deliver premium quality medicine and award winning service to our patients is a job we take seriously. We are passionate about plant medicine and have seen first hand the benefits our locally grown medical cannabis has had for the hundreds of thousands of people who have walked through our door, and we are excited to offer the healing benefits of hemp to those beyond the Springs.

That’s why Hightops has partnered with a vetted local industrial hemp producer to create pure and powerful CBD products that can be shipped right to your door. Take your wellness routine to new heights, and experience the Hightops difference today.

Our Hemp Story

Hightops CBD comes from hemp plants grown sustainably using organic practices. Our non-GMO hemp genetics are grown 100% in the USA - right here in Colorado to be exact. Our hemp oil follows best farming practices, and we are proud to support local farmers and economies.


Our trusted hemp farmer utilizes cutting-edge CO2 extraction technology to process the hemp plant to selectively remove THC while maintaining all the benefits of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes intrinsic to our genetics.


In coordination with the other non-intoxicating and beneficial compounds of hemp, broad spectrum CBD products work within our own endocannabinoid systems to support our overall wellness. Hemp-based products offer a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy option that’s easy to incorporate into our daily wellness routines.