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How Much CBD Should I Take?

A Guide To Dosing

Ideal CBD dosage varies by user and desired effects. Take into consideration all the factors to find your relief with this simple dosage guide.

CBD has made quite the wave in the cannabis industry and in the consumer world, taking sales and brands to record levels. With widespread legalizations, the normalcy of use is growing as well. This shift in society and cultural acceptance has led many consumers to try CBD for a variety of conditions and desired outcomes. This means many first time users in need of guidance.

Cannabinoids in general, whether we are talking about CBD, CBN, CBC, or THC - affect everyone differently. This individualized response to intake has variables of its own. Some things to consider before finding a proper dose for yourself are: quality sourced products, legitimacy in labeling and concentration, personally desired effects, and consumption method. Pay attention to whether the product you pick is an isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum as this also can change the effects. All these factors play into finding your perfect dose.

Let’s remember too that your perfect morning dose may be completely different then your perfect mid-day or nightly dose and finding each will be a similar process. Your desired effects may also fluctuate depending on the current context. Once you have found your ideal dosage spectrum it will be easier to pin down proper amounts and becomes less of a blind guessing game.

What is a dose?

Depending on your consumption method, dosage language will vary slightly. Generally methods of intake include, oils/tinctures, smokable flower or concentrate, topical creams/ointments/salves, and edibles like gummies and softgels.


Often one dose of a sublingual or water soluble oil or tincture often is measured as one dropper full, which is typically 1ml. Read the given label and inserts with your product to ensure their concentration and recommended dosage to properly evaluate this estimate. For more precise dosing consider a product that features graduated marks on the dropper.


Most often cbd edibles are denoted with a serving size of one piece, whether that is one gummy, one softgel or one square of chocolate. Again, read the packaging for further details and mgs per serving. Keep in mind that not all edibles are created equal and finding a quality product will help you find your proper dosage sooner.

When purchasing edibles, find products that say infused, meaning the CBD is mixed into the product, not added to the outside. Another key factor for consistency with edibles is using products that are third-party tested for potency.


Topicals are a bit more difficult to dose but often one dose is as much as you need to cover the affected area. A general rule of thumb would be a pea-sized amount for a small area and a grape-sized amount for larger areas.

You have a little more leeway with cbd topicals as you shouldn’t have a significant physiological response and instead you should be able to denote relief or not rather easily. Unlike other methods, it is very hard to overdo it on topicals.

When will I feel it and how long will it last?

The length of time you feel relief and desired effects varies significantly by individual. Several factors play into this including body weight, metabolic rate, severity of symptoms and sensitivity to cannabis products. These same variables play into onset time as well as the consumption method. There are some vague windows of time crowdsourced by other users and are as follows:

Sublingual Oil & Tinctures

When applied under your tongue, has fairly fast onset because it is absorbed into the blood vessels and mucus membranes.

Onset: 15 - 60 minutes

Duration: 4 -12 hours

Oral Ingestion

As in edibles and softgels the absorption rate will be slower, meaning later onset but the effect will last longer and are generally more intense.

Onset: 30 minutes - 2 hours

Duration: 10 -14 hours

Topical Application

Since it only produces local effects and will not enter the bloodstream are generally fast acting and semi long lasting.

Onset: 5 -15 minutes

Duration: 4 - 6 hours

It is often recommended new users keep a journal to log the products and their effects for review later. This can help significantly for those who are attempting to use cannabis products for varying ailments and desired effects. Don’t give up if you struggle at first achieving the results you're seeking. Have questions? We are here to help!

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